1st conditional

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

If the government (ban) tobacco advertising, the companies (develop) new alternatives of promotion.
If the people (not see) the advertisements in the streets or magazines, the cigarette producers (approach) the filmmakers and the film heroes (smoke) a particular kind of cigarettes.
If the ban (include) sponsorship, many cultural events (lose) their main sponsors.
If the ban (become) law, it (reduce) the competition in the market segment.
The domino effect (start) if such a law (approve).
The media (be) dependent on politicians again if they (approve) the law.
If the media (cut off) from the independent sources, it (be) dependent on resources from the state.
If the state (provide) the money, it also (control) the media.
If the parliament (pass) the ban of tobacco advertising, it (prevent) young people from smoking.
If the law (come) in force, it (mean) a 700 million CZK loss in advertising revenue.