2nd conditional

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

If we (have) the death penalty, it (reduce) crime in the country, because the criminals (be) frightened of death.
If we still (apply) death penalties, we (not comply) with the EU norms and this (have) very bad effects for our future.
All right, but, if we (not conform) to the norms, it (not mean) our legal system (be) bad. Look at the U.S.A.
Speaking about the U.S.A., we (have) a great rate of judicial errors if we (preserve) the final penalty.
And, of course, it (can, abuse) if we (sentence) people to death.
There (have to) be indisputable evidence if someone (be) to be sentenced to death.
We (have to) keep and this way spend so much money on life prisoners if they (be) convicted of horrible crimes.
It (be) cheaper if we simply (execute) them.
It (be) very inhuman and if there (be) a poll on the matter, I (vote) “no”.
I think it (not be) inhuman to execute somebody for inhuman deeds and if the government (declare) a poll I certainly (vote) “yes”.