Future plans 2

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the dialogue with verbs in the box, then press "Check" to check your answers.


A: Can you keep a secret?
B: Sure. What is it?
A: I a surprise party for Rosa. Next Saturday. It's her 40th birthday.
B: A surprise party! That'll be difficult to arrange without her knowing. Who ?
A: Everybody. All our friends, her colleagues, all her family, and even her aunts from Scotland. They down by train on Friday evening and they overnight in that small hotel at the end of our street.
B: What about the food and drink? Where that from?
A: It's all arranged. Marcell's restaurant is delivering all kinds of food and drink on Saturday afternoon, and their chef a special birthday cake with pink icing and sugar flowers.
B: Excellent! And what Rosa for her birthday? Have you got a good present for her?
A: Of course. I a very special holiday. A weekend for two in Paris. We are travelling by Euro Star, through the Euro Tunnel.
B: That's a great idea. Very clever. I can see that you are going to enjoy her birthday, too! Am I invited to the party? Of course, but keep it a secret!